6 Way Speed Stars Scrambles (Formation Loads)

What? A second plane? Yahoooo!

Next Date: September 30, 2017

This event will be a 6way scrambles event!

The way it will be run will for 3 members from each team to be in separate planes.
On jump run at exit time (to be rehearsed together when we are there).
The first team of 6 will exit together (3 from each plane) and build their star.
Seven seconds later (depending on ground speed) the next team of 6 will exit (3 from each plane) etc until all teams are out (Plan is for 5 teams).

Like last time, the Team captain will be the camera flyer, all docks must be shown on the video.

Some rules to start with:

  • Docks not shown minus1 point
  • Bad docks minus1 point
  • Good docks plus 1 point
  • Judges decision is final (maybe, depends on the judges)

This is a fun event, ask someone that was at our last one!

FILL OUT THE REGO FORM if you are participating, please.
The idea of the registration form is to get everyones skill levels so we can draw names from a hat to make the teams as even as possible.
Will be needing 5 teams.

Register on the Google Form:

Join the event on Facebook:

Upcoming Dates

  • September 30, 2017

My experience of a tandem skydive was for my 40th Birthday. I could not imagine possibly enjoying myself any more than what I did today. Thank you to my tandem guide Belgy and the video guys Sam & Alex.


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